Highly-Specialized Japanese and Traditional Chinese Translation Service

Digital Hearts Linguitronics Taiwan combines DIGITAL HEARTS’s gaming experience with Linguitronics’s first-rate translations, enhancing the strengths of both companies and providing customers with a highly-specialized translation service focused on Japanese and Traditional Chinese translations. Digital Hearts Linguitronics Taiwan aims to become the foremost Traditional Chinese gaming translation company in the market.


DIGITAL HEARTS handles the global support of over one hundred titles every year, including both console and mobile games, and employs teams of testers and specialized translators who possess a deep understanding of video game terminology. As the debugging pioneer of game industry , DIGITAL HEARTS works with a large number of companies from North America as well as from all across Asia, including Japan. In addition to translation, DIGITAL HEARTS provides a comprehensive package of services required for the global rollout of your game, including LQA, voice recording services, and customer support.

Linguitronics Co., Ltd.

Linguitronics is listed among the top 100(*) companies offering translation services worldwide and is also one of the most reliable linguistic services in Asia with a history of over 20 years of translation experience. It immediately gained a reputation for its professional stance on translation and has established itself as the leading translation company in Taiwan.

* 2019 CSA Research


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